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Photorelays are designed to replace mechanical relays

The 100V TLP3823 is a 3A drive current, and the 200V TLP3825 is a 1.5A drive current. Both are provided in DIP8 packages.


The photorelays extend the present range to replace mechanical relays, alongside the current 60V, 5.0A TLP3547, says the company. To support and promote the accelerated replacement of mechanical relays, the company is applying its latest trench MOSFET structure, eighth generation UMOS, to realise output currents exceeding 1A.


Unlike mechanical relays, photorelays have no physical contacts that incur wear and tear. This contributes to increased reliability. They are also much smaller, thereby supporting the development of smaller and thinner products.


The photorelays will be used in industrial equipment, inverters, HVAC equipment, building automation and semiconductor and other test equipment. In almost all cases they will be replacing mechanical relays, says the company.


Both devices offer an isolation voltage of 2500V rms and low values of on-resistance (TLP3823 60mΩ typical, TLP3825 250mΩ typical) to ensure efficient operation. The rapid turn-on and turn-off times allow the photorelays to be used in fast switching applications. The required triggering current is below 5mA for both devices and, when off, the devices have a leakage current of less than 1μA.


A guaranteed pulsed on-state current is three times larger than the continuous on-state current, securing a bigger margin for safety design, adds the company.


The TLP3823 and TLP3825 are shipping now.






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