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NewSpace demands low voltage, high current power for performance and longevity - Nov 2022
Matt Renola, Senior Director, Global Business Development – Aerospace & Defense
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Wolfspeed grows to meet supply challenge and launches high performance Gen 3+ die June, 01 2022
Silicon Carbide (SiC), known for long as the ideal semiconductor technology for power devices, has with design and manufacturing innovation not only increased its share of the existing market but enabled new applications, such as electric vehicles (EVs), by offering higher power density, better high-speed switching performance, higher breakdown field, higher thermal conductivity, higher chip temperatures, and lower leakage currents than are possible with Silicon (Si).
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Enhancing Power Conversion from Watts to Megawatts with 1700 V SiC MOSFETs - May 2022 May, 03 2022
In the world of power electronics, bigger is never better. This holds particularly true for high-voltage power systems, where designers are clamouring for better semiconductor technology to meet customer demand for converters that are smaller, lighter, more reliable and efficient, and less expensive. With Silicon MOSFETs and IGBTs, compromises must be made; for example, one must select either the most reliable design or the most efficient design, but not both...
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Range Extension Promise of SiC in Traction Inverters - May 2022 May, 03 2022
There are two major disruptions currently affecting the future of vehicular transport and semiconductor technology. We are embracing a new and exciting means to propel our vehicles cleanly with electrical power, while simultaneously re-engineering the semiconductor materials that underpin electric vehicle (EV) subsystems to maximize power efficiency and, in turn, EV driving range.
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Power GaN can revolutionise the industrial world - issue 3/2019 June, 26 2019
Industry 4.0 brings rise to an era of smart factory floors that synergize mass production capabilities with automation, robotics and M2M communication....
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Leveraging Automotive-Quality 150mm Si-CMOS processes makes SiC MOSFETs more affordable and reliable - issue 2/2018 April, 03 2018
Silicon IGBTs are suitable for voltage ranges in which a 1200 V-rated part is necessary, but they are limited tp ~25 kHz in hard switched applications....
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CoolSiC Trench MOSFET combining SiC performance with Silicon ruggedness - issue 3/2017 June, 30 2017
This article summarises selected features of the new ColSiC MOSFET. The device combines low static and dynamic losses with high Si-IGBT like gate oxide reliability right fitting to typical industrial requirements...
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IEGT Plus SiC - A Hybrid Approach to Inverter Efficiency and Performance Improvement - issue 6/2013 October, 02 2013
Silicon Carbide devices have the potential to unlock signicant performance and efficiency improvements in applications ranging from rail traction to renewable energy generation...
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High Voltage Gallium Nitride Devices for Inverters - issue 5/2013 August, 26 2013
Gallium Nitride (GaN) devices now demonstrate higher efficiency in inverter circuits for both solar and motor drive systems and in power supply building blocks such as the DC/DC LLD and the PFC....
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The next stage in the commercialism of GaN-based power devices May, 18 2010
With the first commercially viable GaN based power device released into production, a new stage of implementation of this transformational technology is taking place.......
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Application considerations for the Silicon Carbide MOSFETs May, 18 2010
The SiC MOSFET has definitive advantages over Silicon switching devices. Howver, it's unique operating characteristics need to be carefully considered to fully realise these advantages. The gate driver needs to be capable of providing 20V drive with minimum output and high curent capapbility....
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GaN Based Power Devices: Cost-Effective Revolutionary Performance December, 02 2008
A novel gallium nitride (GaN) based power device platform promises to deliver figure-of-merit (FOM) performance that is at least an order of magnitude better than existing silicon MOSFETs.
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Characterization of Power Devices at Wafer Level June, 18 2007
Power Semiconductor test - Characterization of Power Devices at Wafer Level. PEE Issue 6 2007
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Prospects of IGCT Technology June, 01 2007
High Power Semiconductors - Prospects of IGCT Technology. Issue 6 2007
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Soft-Start Control of Electric Motors January, 16 2007
Motor Control-Soft-Start Control of Electric Motors. Issue 1 2007
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