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NewSpace demands low voltage, high current power for performance and longevity - Nov 2022
Matt Renola, Senior Director, Global Business Development – Aerospace & Defense
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Optimizing the Switching Stage in Wind Power Applications - May 2022 May, 01 2022
Efficient power conversion is an important part of maximizing the cost-effectiveness of the switching stage in a wind-powered generator. Much effort has been expended in maximizing switching efficiency with excellent results. In this article, we will look at optimizing the utilization of the switches to increase the amount of power that can be processed by a given system.
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Accurate Mains Frequency monitor with calibration - issue 4/2017 August, 29 2017
An AC power mains utility frequency is typically either 50Hz or 60Hz. The frequency variation is normally restricted to about +/- in most countries...
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Asymmetrical Inductance to support long cables in low-power motor drives - issue 6/2015 November, 24 2015
High Capacitive turn-on current often overload IGBTs in low-power inverter applications that use long shielded cables...
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FPGA to control Power Electronics - issue 6/2014 September, 22 2014
During the development of an inverter, control and power section have to interact smoothly.....
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Innovative IGBT Driver IC resolves dilemma of gate resistor selection - issue 5/2014 August, 20 2014
The use of motor line inductors, dv/dt filters or sine wave filters helps to adapt the variable frequency inverter with its fast switching IGBT to the motor....
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Powering IGBT Gate Drives with DC/DC Converters - issue 5/2014 August, 20 2014
IGBTs can now be found in high power devices with effective gate capacitances measured in hundreds of nanofarads........
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On the transition from Silicon to GaN-based drive inverters - issue 2/2014 March, 10 2014
The recent announcement by several well established suppliers, notably Panasonic and International Rectifier of the near term availability of 600 V rated GaN based devices to the power electronics market...
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Reliable and Safe insulation in high voltage inverter applications - issue 8/2010 December, 20 2010
The market trends in high-voltage inverter applications such as wind turbines, renewable energy harvesting sites and industrial motor control applications require increasing working voltage levels and higher efficiencies.
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Influence of stray Inductance on high- efficiency IGBT based Inverter Designs - issue 7/2010 November, 17 2010
Loss reduction for better energy efficiency is one of the major aspects in advanced inverter designs. Development engineers are striving for technically best performing and cost effective solutions......
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Highly Efficient 3-Level solutions for renewable energy applications. issue 5/2010 September, 01 2010
Energy efficency is one of the major criteria for photovoltaic (PV) and wind power inverters. The 3-level inverter topology proves to be one of the most attractive candidates for low and medium power, low voltage applications which require high switching frequencies, complex filtering and high efficiency. The same advantages can be seen for Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) which are connected and loaded 27/7.....
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Shunt Current Measuring up to 800A in the Inverter October, 19 2009
In 2005, Siemens Drive Technologies introduced the first large inverter using shunts for phase current measuring and brought it into series production. It wasn’t until recently that the power output was extended to 132kW with the new inverter SINAMICS G120 series. Back then, the joint development between Siemens, Semikron and Isabellenhütte laid the foundations for being able to measure currents of up to 800A today. This article looks back at past events and takes a glimpse into the future.
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600V Trench IGBTs Reduce Power Loss in DC_AC Inverter Applications April, 10 2008
Power Semiconductors - 600V Trench IGBTs Reduce Power Loss in DC/AC Inverter Applications. Issue 4 2008
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Gate Drive Optocoupler Simplifies Inverter Design February, 28 2008
Inverter Design - Gate Drive Optocoupler Simplifies Inverter Design. Issue 2 2008
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System-Oriented IGBT Module for High Power Inverters February, 08 2008
Power Modules - System-Oriented IGBT Module for High Power Inverters . Issue 2 2008
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Single Chip Inverter SOI IC in SMD Package July, 05 2007
Electric Drives - Single Chip Inverter SOI IC in SMD Package. Issue 7 2007
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