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Three semi-shielded power inductors are AEC-Q200-compliant

The SRN3030HA, SRN4030HA and SRN5030HA inductors are AEC-Q200 compliant and meet high-reliability requirements in EMI filtering, DC/DC converter and power supply applications.

They are designed with high current capacity, compact size, low loss and a high operating frequency. The high temperature-graded materials employed in all three achieve a 150°C operating temperature rating and provide a wide operating temperature range of -55 to 150°C. The inductors are suitable for use in consumer, industrial and telecomms electronic systems.

A magnetic-silica based coating applied to the perimeter of the inductor winding enhances the inductors' shielding and reduces magnetic field radiation compared to non-shielded options. Semi-shielded construction contributes to a lower component cost compared to similarly-sized conventional ferrite-shielded inductors, says the company.

Each series offers different heating current ratings with saturation currents from 5.0 to 10A. Both SRN3040HA and SRN4030HA have inductance ranges of 1.0 to 100μH, and the SRN5030HA has a range of 0.47 to 100μH. The compact inductors offer high Q values of 13 to 33 for high impedance at resonance frequency in combination with low loss operation.

The inductors are available now and are RoHS-compliant and halogen free.


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