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Edge Computing Leverages Modular Power in Scalable Micro Data Centres - May 2022
Edge computing is essential to realizing the full potential of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and internet of things (IoT). These technologies are being infused into every corner of...
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Switching regulators extend efficiency in battery-powered applications

The 9.0 to 48V input range of the Recom R-78HB switching regulators allow appliances to run for longer from a standard 12, 24 or 36V battery by using all of the battery’s stored energy.

As well as the wide input range, the regulators maintain high efficiency of up to 93%, with quiescent current of only 5mA (maximum) and can run heatsink-free to save cost, size and complexity. With short-circuit protection, input filter and a protective diode for powering highly capacitive loads built in, the modules are self-contained and require no additional external components.

Two versions are available, offering 5.0 and 12V single output. The R-78HB5.0-0.5/W and R-78HB12-0.5/W are suitable for supplying up to 0.5A to industrial or aerospace applications or to provide an auxiliary constant voltage from a constant-current LED driver.

The regulators are certified according to IEC/EN-60950-1 general safety and EN55022 Class B EMC standards as well as EN61000-4-2 ESD-standard.

The modules are packaged as 12.1 x 9.7 x 24.0mm SIP3 wired devices that enable the direct replacement of traditional 78xx linear regulators.




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