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A fusion of innovative robotics, self-driving technology, vehicle electrification and artificial intelligence
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AC/DC power factor correction module offers up to 1,512W
A full brick package developed by TDK-Lambda, the PF1500B-360, is for high voltage distributed power architectures
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Microchip Enters 3.3 kV SiC Power Market

Microchip’s new 3.3 kV SiC power devices, lauched at APEC 2022, include MOSFETs with lowest on-resistance of 25 mOhm and SBDs with high current rating of 90 A. Both MOSFETs and SBDs are available in die or package form. Many silicon-based designs have reached their limits in efficiency improvements, system cost reduction and application innovation. While high-voltage SiC provides a proven alternative to achieve these results, until now, the availability of 3.3 kV SiC power devices was limited. Microchip’s 3.3 kV MOSFETs and SBDs join the company’s comprehensive portfolio of SiC solutions that include 700 V, 1200 V and 1700 V die, discretes, modules and digital gate drivers. Customers can combine Microchip SiC products with the company’s other devices including 8-, 16- and 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs), power management devices, analog sensors, touch and gesture controllers and wireless connectivity solutions to create complete system solutions at a lower overall system cost.

The expanded SiC portfolio is supported by a range of SiC SPICE models compatible with Microchip’s MPLAB® Mindi™ analog simulator modules and driver board reference designs. The Intelligent Configuration Tool (ICT) enables designers to model efficient SiC gate driver settings for Microchip’s AgileSwitch® family of configurable digital gate drivers.



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