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BEV advancements are driving sales, but vehicle safety and reliability will ensure long-term viability
Innovative power architectures using power modules provide power redundancy and improve overall safety and system performance By Patrick Kowalyk, Automotive FAE,Vicor
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AC/DC power factor correction module offers up to 1,512W
A full brick package developed by TDK-Lambda, the PF1500B-360, is for high voltage distributed power architectures
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QuiCur technology reduces external component count in power circuit designs
QuiCur power supply technology is claimed to improve the load transient response characteristics (response performance involving response speed, and voltage stability of subsequent stage) of DC/DC converter ICs (switching regulators) and LDOs (linear regulators).

Incorporating the high speed load response technology in power supply ICs makes it possible to provide fast responses to reverse changes in the output voltage caused by fluctuations in input voltage and/or load current in a short period of time, explains Rohm. The company cautions that shortening the response time too much can cause the circuit operation to become unstable and the output voltage to oscillate, however because the response speed is also affected by output capacitance.

According to Rohm, QuiCur can reduce the number of external components and mounting area required, by minimising the capacitance of the output capacitor required by the power supply IC. Additionally, linear adjustment of the capacitance and output voltage fluctuations (negative constant proportional relationship) is enabled, ensuring stable operation even when the capacitance increases due to changes in the specification. There is therefore a “significant reduction” in power supply circuit design resources through stable operation with fewer external components, says Rohm. The company plans to ship QuiCur-equipped power supply ICs (DC/DC converter ICs) in April and LDOs in July 2022.  

Impelementing QuiCur alone can reduce the output capacitance to the order of µF, and combining it with Nano Cap, Rohm’s technology for stable control of the linear regulator output, reduces output capacitance further; down to the order of nF, says the company.

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