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UnitedSiC claims a first with 750V SiC FETs
The SiC FETs can be used in power applications for automotive, industrial charging, telecomms rectifiers, data centre power factor correction (PFC) and DC/DC conversion, renewable energy and energy storage equipment. 

There are two choices each of 18 and 60mΩ, offering reduced on-resistance per unit area, and low intrinsic capacitance. They are also claimed to exhibit the lowest RDS(on) x EOSS (mohm-uJ) for lower turn-on and turn-off loss in hard switching applications. For soft switching applications, the low RDS(on) x Coss(tr) (mΩ-nF) lowers conduction loss and raises frequency, the company reports. The UJ4C075018K3S (18mΩ), UJ4C075018K4S (18mΩ), UJ4C075060K3S (60mΩ) and UJ4C075060K4S SiC FETs operate across the 25 to 125°C temperature range and offer the lowest integral diode VF with reverse recovery, says the company, for low dead-time losses and increased efficiency.

The FETs’ VDS rating is suitable for 400/500V bus voltage applications and they have a compatible gate drive of ±20V, 5V Vth. All devices can be driven with 0 to 12V gate voltages, making them capable of working with existing SiC MOSFET, Si IGBTs and Si MOSFET gate drivers.

The UJ4C075018K3S and UJ4C075060K3S are available in a TO247-3L package; the UJ4C075018K4S and the UJ4C075060K4S are available in a TO247-4L package and are available now from authorised distributors. 

The company has said that it will announce further Gen 4 devices over the next nine months.


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