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Qorvo adds seven 750V SiC FETs in surface mount D2PAK packaging

Suitable for onboard chargers, soft-switched DC/DC converters, battery charging (fast DC and industrial) and IT/server power supplies, the 750V SiC FETs are designed for high-power applications that require maximum efficiency, low conduction losses and excellent cost effectiveness in a thermally enhanced package, said the company.

The Gen 4 UJ4C/SC series FETs have what is claimed to be the industry’s lowest RDS(on) of 9mΩ at 650/750V. The FETs are rated at 9.0, 11, 18, 23, 33, 44 and 60mΩ, offering engineers device options and flexibility to balance cost and efficiency while maintaining generous design margins and circuit robustness, says Qorvo (formerly UnitedSiC).

They are based on the company’s cascode SiC FET technology in which a normally-on SiC JFET is co-packaged with a Si MOSFET to produce a normally-off SiC FET. They are claimed to deliver a best-in-class RDS x A figure of merit, resulting in the lowest conduction losses in a small die.

The D2PAK-7L package reduces inductance from compact internal connection loops which, along with the Kelvin source connection, results in low switching loss, says the company. The construction enables higher frequency operation and improved system power density. The SiC FETs also feature silver-sinter die attach, resulting in very low thermal resistance for maximum heat extraction on standard PCBs as well as insulated metal substrates with liquid cooling, explains Qorvo’s chief engineer, Anup Bhalla.

The UJ4C075060B7S and UJ4SC075009B7S 750V Gen 4 SiC FETs are available now in the D2PAK-7L package from authorised distributors.



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