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Eighth generation IGBTs improve system power efficiency

Six IGBTs make up the series for use in power conditioners for solar power generation systems and to reduce inverter applications in UPS (uninterruptable power supply) systems.


They are rated at 650V/40, 50, and 75A, and at 1,250V/25, 40, and 75A. The company also claims to offer the industry’s first TO-247 plus package for a 1,250V IGBT with built-in diode. This offerssystem manufacturers greater circuit configuration flexibility.


The IGBTs provide faster switching performance, an essential feature to the IGBT performance index, while also reducing conduction loss by lowering the saturation voltage (Vce (sat), compared to previous IGBT generations. The performance index has also been improved by up to 30% compared to previous 7th-generation IGBTs, contributing to lower power loss and better overall performance for user systems. These updates are targeted at photovoltaic (PV) inverters, UPS, industrial motor drives and power factor correction (PFC).


The IGBTs are also claimed to generate substantially less gate noise during switching, enabling system manufacturers to eliminate the gate resistors previously needed to reduce noise. This contributes to a reduced component count and a more compact design.


The underside of the TO-247 package is formed from metal, allowing heat generated by IGBT power loss to be conveyed directly to the package exterior for superior heat dissipation performance. The new devices are compatible with high temperatures up to 175°C, so they can be used in locations that tend to heat up due to the transmission of large power levels.


Previously, devices in the 75A current band were generally incorporated into modules employing large packages due to considerations such as heat, noise, and operating quality. This generation IGBT technology achieves low loss and smaller chip size, says the company, to realise a 1,250V IGBT with built-in diode in a discrete TO-247 plus package - the first in the industry. By using discrete-package devices in the 75A current band rated at 100°C, system manufacturers can enjoy the increased circuit configuration flexibility that only discrete devices provide and can easily increase the power capacity of their systems.


The IGBTs are available now. System manufacturers can select the product version that best matches the inverter circuit type and required output capacity. Mass production is scheduled to begin in September 2016.



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